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Juliana is the creating force of our projects & events, the eye that sees it all, details are a part of her DNA. With endless love and passion she creates beautiful, inspiringly spaces. Mother of 2 baby girls and with the consistency and drive that makes her aim higher every day, her only wish is to make her customers happy, to share warmth & love.

Valle is Julianas partner in crime, both at home and in business. 20 years of communication, sales and project management skills are blended in the creation of our visions.  He wants to make you feel as the most important customer.

They put mind to work and founded The Pink Company – To leave no one indifferent, to put colors & elements in motion. To dazzel you.


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In La Perla’s menu, I have chosen dishes that have a special place in the hearts of myself and my family. Some of the dishes are a “blast from the past”, but there are also many new and exciting dishes and flavours from the country I love so much! 

I'm born in Sweden, just as my wife Åsa, who now recently started to put her flavours and feelings into the food. Have you tried her fantastic mushroom soup yet? Åsas interior design and my food makes it a

mix of us two and together it makes this funny and tasty Italian fusion.


My interest in food and wine has always been at the centre of our family, who have our origins in Taranto in Southern Italy. I find my inspiration in Italy and Sweden, and over the years, I have found my own way of presenting the food I like and am proud of.

Why I do what I do is no mystery. With both of my parents being chefs, big dinners with fantastic produce and many laughs were a common thing when I was growing up. I still remember how the homemade focaccia used to smell, when I opened the door to the stairs leading to our kitchen.

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