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-Italian street food from Puglia-

The beginning

Last December, I received a phone call from Mimmo—longtime friend from my hometown, Francavilla Fontana, Puglia and he said: “Why don’t you come to the Netherlands? You’ll find many business opportunities here, and we can open a food shop together to revive our Apulian tradition and help people discover that pizza and pasta are not the only Italian options they have. So I took Mimmo’s word and bought flight tickets. A week later, I was in Rotterdam!

And then….

In the next few days, we started to meet new expats like us and new Dutch friends. From time to time we invited them to our house, where I prepared panzerotti. They immediately asked, “How come we never tasted anything so mouthwatering and so different from the other Italian foods?” Well, the answer was so obvious to me because that week Mimmo came from Italy with flour, mozzarella, tomato, oregano and other fresh ingredients from Puglia (he goes to Italy every two weeks for work responsibilities), and I prepared panzerotti using those ingredients. The results and response we received were so positive that we immediately started to think about ways we could transform that enthusiasm into action and open the first location in Rotterdam!

What makes us different?

We care about you and your health, so we pay particular attention to the ingredients, preparation and quality controls, in order to offer you genuine products, made only with ingredients sourced from Puglia, for the real Apulian street food experience.

Mimmo Vecchio

Co Founder

Strategy - Management - Wine artisan

Luigi Incalza

Co Founder

Chef – Vision – Wild ideas

+31 10 237 8426

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