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The Teatro Petruzzelli in Bari

is the fourth largest theatre in Italy.

It was built between 1898 and 1903, registered as a building of historical and artistic interest in 1954, and as a traditional opera house in 1967.

It is also an example of how important theatre is in Italian life because after the original 19th-century structure was extensively damaged by fire in an arson attack in October 1991, the theatre was rebuilt just as it was.

The Politeama Greco Theatre is a Lecce theater. It is located on the central via XXV Luglio, adjacent to the Carlo V Castle. The Politeama "Greco", which was originally called "Politeama Principe di Napoli", owes its current name to the Greco family who wanted and built it in the second half of the nineteenth century and who still owns it today. It is home to the opera and symphonic and theatrical season.


The Municipal Theatre Umberto Giordano is an Italian theater inaugurated in 1828 and built by Eng. Luigi Oberty. It is the main theater of the city of Foggia and is named after the composer from Foggia Umberto Giordano.

 Teatro Curci inaugurated in April 1872, the new building was named after the Barlettan musician Giuseppe Curci, in 1877, the year of his death. Compared to the previous one, the new theater had a larger capacity of spectators, also including representative rooms: vestibule, bar, smoking room and even a ballroom on the upper floors.

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