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"Primitivo” wine has accompanied meals in Puglia for centuries. It is the region’s undisputed favorite because of its decisive and intense character, so much like the nature of  this vibrant land and its high-spirited people. Manduria is surrounded by the vineyards that produce Primitivo and this magnificent wine is the pride of the borgo and what it is most famous for. Manduria is small and gracious, protected by thick, fortified walls that have been guarding it for thousands of years, a living testament to the ancient origins of this borgo.

The Bay of San Pietro is bathed by the crystalline sea, its nearby defensive tower protecting the salt flats of the Benedictine monks, which are home to the flocks of rare and marvelous pink flamingos who gracefully pass their days here, a delightful spectacle to behold. Numerous visitors come to observe them from afar, so as not to disturb the tranquility of their natural habitat.

Manduria is a place of myth and legend, casting a spell of fascination and intrigue: Did “Plinian’s Well” really host a chicken with a golden egg? Did St. Peter truly stop here to quench his thirst at the River Bevagna? Perhaps it is true, perhaps not. Sometimes, the beauty of a legend is simply letting ourselves believe it, without bothering to ask why. And when in doubt, bring on another glass of Primitivo from Manduria!

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