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Cucina Italiana

An Italian restaurant serving food from the country's southern region of Puglia. Their name Gola comes from the Italian for 'gluttony', so it's fair to say they take satisfaction in sending customers home with full beliies.

Transport:Tube: Parsons Green

Price:£26 to £40

Contact: 020 7751 0141

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Trattoria Pizzeria  Social

When Italians gather for a meal it is always a celebration so it comes natural to start each time by raising the glasses and toast with the expression: Alla Salute! which is the equivalent of “cheers” and literally “to your health”.
Alla Salute’s cuisine is inspired by Puglia (Apulia) and based on the 3 pillars of the Mediterranean Diet: seasonality, local produce and traditional preparations, so all our scrumptious dishes are made from scratch with great care and passion because simplicity is key to making delicious products as long as raw ingredients preserve quality and authenticity.
With three consecutive mentions on Tripadvisor, Alla Salute! is renowned for its delicious and wholesome pizzas that chef Enrica makes every day using the best ingredients.
Enjoy the all Pugliese wine list showcasing few of the best wineries of the region and then, sit back, relax and…
Buon appetito! Alla Salute! 

Opening hours:Wednesday-Friday 5-11pm, Saturday noon-11pm, Sunday noon-10pm

Contact: 020 86919516

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The story began in the family restaurant in San Giorgio, a small town by the sea. As a young boy, Vincenzo used to help his mother prepare the fresh pasta, and help his father wrap hot pizzas for customers to take away.

After many years of intense training, and with passion for his mother’s recipes, Vincenzo opened his first restaurant in Bari, where he began to explore his love for local Mediterranean dishes.


+44 20 7600 8107

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Italian Gastronomy

Good things come to those who believe.
Better things come to those who are patient and the best things comes to those who don’t give up and to who keep smiling, that is why together with John O’Hanlon (Big John), Giuseppe Miggiano first opened the Casa Tua doors on 8 August 2013 in Camden.
Their dream of running a restaurant became a reality.

The words ‘Casa Tua’ translate as: ‘Your Home’ in English.
The concept of the restaurant is to create an experience of home dining in Southern Italy.
The food is based on old Italian recipes from Puglia and Mediterranean influences with pleasant, warm, welcoming, passionate staff and unique decor.

Casa Tua Camden

176 Royal College Street
London NW1 0SP

Casa Tua King’s Cross

106 Cromer St
London WC1H 8BZ

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LA CANTINA SOCIALE LTD was founded in London in August of 2014 from an idea by Girolamo Angelini , one of the many Italians arrived in the UK but with his feet firmly to his native land.

Its experience in the food , convinced Girolamo to bet on this business reality

Today LA CANTINA SOCIALE is a brand that is engaged in import , marketing and distribution of : dairy products, pasta , salami , olive oil, pickles.

Every single product is guaranteed as PRODUCT ITALIAN SELECTED and comes from the best manufacturers strictly made in Apulia .

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We are on a mission!!

Our goal is to make every Londoner try the Italian experience, what Italy really tastes and what Italy is really about. We will make every Londoner try our Panzerotto.

It's a promise.

07440 279823

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Terra Rossa brings the flavours of Puglia to London. The land in the south of Italy has been lovingly tended by farmers producing the most sun touched delicious food for generations. At Terra Rossa, we want you to eat our beautifully cooked dishes and taste the ‘Masseria life’ where time slows down enough for you to relax and enjoy the homely taste of simple cooking… and of course with a glass of Puglian wine.

TELEPHONE: +44 20 7226 2244
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Food & Wine Lovers

Tacco is what happens when you put a couple of friends together.

Two friends, real food lovers, were sitting around a table discussing how difficult it was to find true flavours of their sun-kissed land - their beloved Puglia – in London. And just like that, Tacco was born.

Through a selection of 100% Apulian products, Tacco is a uniquely cultural way to discover the essence of that piece of land, located right at the foot of Italy, that stretches between two seas that we call home.

We have selected the best producers of our region, people who still respect the traditional methods for the processing nature’s raw material, thereby giving us the highest quality results.


We are extremely proud to belong to this Apulian land and to be able to share these emotions with each one of our guests.


Enjoy Tacco, the Apulian experience.

Email: /
 Phone: +44 020 3645 6043
Opening hours: all days 11am - 7pm  / Friday and Saturday 11am - 8pm 
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