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Locorotondo is one of Puglia's prettiest towns with a proudly conserved, easily-walkable centre and a calm, laid-back atmosphere

 Situated on a hilltop on the Murge Plateau, it's a borgo più bella d'Italia ( borghipiubelliditalia ) – that is, it's rated as one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. There are few 'sights' as such – rather, the town itself is a sight. The streets are paved with smooth ivory-coloured stones, with the church of Santa Maria della Graecia as their sunbaked centrepiece.

From Villa Comunale, a public garden, you can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding valley. You enter the compact historic quarter directly across from here.

Not only is this deepest trulli country, it's also the liquid heart of the Pugliese wine region. Sample some of the local verdeca at Controra.

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