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Having been a heavy influence on the culinary scene in Cleckheaton for the past 30 years in the form of Aldo's, Tappino's is the next level. It has long been a dream to bring this concept to life and now it is finally a reality.

With a fresh, ever changing menu, great drinks and a vibrant atmosphere - it truly is the dream.

I hope everybody enjoys eating here.

Sunday - Monday
Tuesday - Thursday:
12.00pm-2.00pm & 4.30pm-9.30pm
12.00pm-2.00pm & 4.30pm-10.00pm
12.00pm-2pm & 4pm-10.00pm

01274 864111

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Italian Kitchen & Take-Away

There are so many cities all around Italy, that have tried to copy one of the most original famous Apulian pizza recipes. For many people, the Apulian Panze Rotto was born in the city of Bari around the XVI century. The old housewives used to make the panzerotto from old bread. When minipizzas were stuffed with tomatoes and cheese, it was a poor plate for a lot of families that couldn’t afford richer dinners. From then on , the panzerotto became one of the famous dishes of the Apulian kitchen. It is also appreciated by tourists that come to Puglia. Now we bring this Apulian Food to Leeds


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