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The Puglia cheese story ......
"My husband (Davide Ostuni) and I used to come to SA on holiday often throughout the past 16 years, and we realised that  despite South Africas love of Made in Italy, few South Africans had experienced  or had ever been presented with anything truly authentic Italian. That is unless it had been imported, but even then, Italian pizza and pasta dishes were adapted to suit a South African market, introducing pizza with pineapple and pasta dishes such as the ever popular Macaroni and cheese.
South Africans had been tricked into believing that Pasta Alfredo could be ordered in an Italian piazza in Rome, when in truth the only true Italian pasta in South Africa was the imported dried pasta.
As difficult as it was to find authentic ingredients when shopping for our everyday meals, most (at the cost of an arm) could be found, but one ingredient always eluded us, and that was fabulously fresh mozzarella  used in almost every starter, pasta, pizza and risotto dish in an Italian kitchen. Back in September 2009 we brought our friend and future partner Fabio Fatelli to have a 'second opinion'.. our future in South Africa was decided there and then. Puglia cheese was born in June 2010.
......Puglia cheese today produces not just the most authentic mozzarella in SA, but does so by hand; as done centuries ago producing cheese such as Burrata (a filled mozzarella ball, oozing with ripped mozzarella soaked in double cream), a customary stretched mozzarella, the knot-shaped Nodini and a more traditional mozzarella ball,  the Fior di latte  roughly translated as the 'Flower of the milk.

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