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Il Cammino Materano

Il Cammino Materano, a project conceived and registered by the In Itinere aps association, was born with a very specific purpose: certainly not to bring a growing number of consumers to the territory, but to propose, through slow traffic, a new tourism model, seasonally adjusted and environmentally sustainable that allows to enhance socially, culturally and economically the internal areas, normally not affected by traditional tourism circuits. Only by traveling on foot is it possible to get in touch with the true essence of the territory, understood as nature, history, culture, food and wine and hospitality. The path is the perfect tool to know and fully appreciate all the resources of the territory: natural and historical-archaeological resources, cultural and food and wine resources, and finally also human resources (individuals and local communities). The path is, at the same time, a network that connects all these resources in order to promote their authentic knowledge through an experience, sustainable from an environmental point of view, and open to all those who love nature: both adults and children , both to tourists and to those who live in the territories crossed by the path.

The path is therefore a tool and an opportunity for mutual knowledge and growth, of the wayfarers who travel it and of the local communities.

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