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Bovino is located in the south west part of the Province of Foggia. With a history dating back to before the Roman era, it was destroyed and rebuilt by the Romans as they secured influence over the entire Italian peninsula, naming the town Vibinum. It fell under the influence of various rulers over the centuries, who each left a mark on the architecture of the town.

Today, the town is a member of the 'Italy's Most Beautiful Villages' club, quite an accolade considering the competition in the region of Puglia, let alone the rest of Italy. The Norman Castello Ducale dominates the town, and in recent years has had a small section tastefully converted into a hotel with a limited number of rooms. Also within the castle is located the Museo Diocesano, which has many interesting items on display including what is claimed to be a thorn from Jesus Christ's crown during the crucifixion.

The narrow Byzantine style streets reportedly contain 800+ stone doorways into the town's dwellings and palaces. The end of August sees the town celebrate its Cavalcata Storica, a procession of horse riders wearing traditional costumes in honour of Maria Valleverde, with the celebrations culminating in a dramatic fireworks display.

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