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Altamura is an interesting  little city located 45 kilometers inland in the province of Bari. It has various claims to fame.

These include Altamura Man, the perfectly preserved 400,000 year old skeleton of a pre- Neanderthalian hominid discovered in a limestone cave near the town. He is still kept in the Lamalunga grotto , where it is possible to take a virtual tour of the cave and view Altamura man's remains with 3D glasses.

No less important, however, is its renowned bread. According to the Latin poet Horace,"...for water is sold here, though the worst in the world; but their bread is exceeding fine, inasmuch that the weary traveler is used to carry it willingly on his shoulders." You may not often be obliged to carry your bread on your shoulders, but in Altamura the bread is made in round forms of various sizes, small, medium, large and extra-large . . . as large as the wheel of a car!

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